When Something About the Will Is Not Right

Will Contests & Probate Administration in The Woodlands Community, Texas

Whether you have questions about a deceased loved one’s will or estate, or your loved one has died intestate (without a will), or you need a lawyer to probate your loved one’s estate, our law firm can help.

The law office of C. L. Crawley Jr., P.C. can help you navigate through what can be a very difficult legal issue: probate administration or a contested will that pits loved ones against one another.

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The Woodlands lawyer C. L. Crawley Jr. is skilled in handling probate administration, including probate litigation and will contests. As a divorce and family law attorney, he understands the kinds of family issues that can play out during times of grief and loss. His nearly four decades of experience in these practice areas can make a difference to clients when it comes to:

  • Minimizing stress and family division
  • Maintaining focus on a resolution that protects your rights
  • Effecting the last wishes of your loved one

Contested Wills and Undue Influence

We have successfully represented clients on either side of issues that include:

  • Lack of mental capacity or undue influence: Are there questions about the mental capacity of the person to execute a will or trust or about the influence that a neighbor, caregiver, family member or second spouse had on the deceased?
  • Contested will: This occurs when a person opposes the probate of a will in court because he believes that the will is a forgery, that the person making the will did not have mental capacity or that there was undue influence involved.

Probate Administration

Probate administration involves obtaining legal approval to open a deceased person’s estate, gather all assets together, pay off all debts, distribute the remaining assets according to the person’s will and finally close the estate.

Careful, Thorough and Knowledgeable

You can rest assured that we will help maintain focus on a sound, practical approach while discouraging clients from hiring an army of lawyers to fight a over a couch or other piece of property.

Our counsel is uniquely tailored to each individual client, depending on the nature of the case and its needs. Are you an 82-year-old who lost your wife who suffered a long illness? Are you a daughter whose mother has suddenly died? Are you a second wife whose husband suddenly died of heart attack and left children and a business behind?

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Whether you are the heir or executor of an estate or you are involved in a contested estate, we offer respectful, calm and professional guidance. Call or e-mail our estate planning and probate law firm in The Woodlands to schedule your first meeting today: (281) 362-8181.