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To Potential Clients — About Our Law Firm

My name is C. L. Crawley Jr. I have practiced law since 1973 in the greater Houston area of Texas. My firm is based in The Woodlands, Texas and I represent clients across a broad spectrum of legal areas, including:

My clients are often dealing with legal challenges that are understandably very upsetting. They need to know that there is someone who they can count on, not only to fully and aggressively protect their rights, but to counsel them through their difficulties with understanding and care. My years of experience has taught me that my clients appreciate the approach I take and the work that I perform on their behalf.

Protection When Life Changes. Call: (281) 362-8181. E-Mail Us.

As an experienced trial lawyer, you have my commitment that:

  • I am personally involved in your case from beginning to end. I do not hand the case off to a young associate and then pick it back up shortly prior to trial.
  • I will fully prepare your case, no matter what it takes.
  • My 40 plus years of experience will be an invaluable resource as we go through the legal process.
  • I will do all I can to minimize your stress level as I shoulder your legal burden.

As a lawyer, I believe that it is very important to maintain a professional attitude and to remain focused on the issues in your case. I know that my clients depend on me to act as a guide to help them stay focused on the big picture and not allow emotions to cloud perspective or create unnecessary obstacles in their legal matters.

Helping Clients Make Good Legal Decisions

My goal as a lawyer is to help clients make informed and sound decisions that are not based on the moment, but on the law and the facts of their individual situation.

Reputation for Professionalism

Over the past four and one-half decades I have developed a reputation among clients, fellow attorneys and the judiciary of being highly dependable and reliable – I say what I mean and mean what I say. You will find that I am easy to work with and will be professional and respectful to all parties, attorneys and others involved in your case.

Trustworthy, Knowledgeable and Straightforward Guidance

Many of my clients come from my community in which I work and reside, The Woodlands, Texas. I have a dedication to my clients and community and ensure that I always provide service that is confidential, straightforward and realistic. I also believe in treating all involved in a case with dignity and respect.

Well-Prepared and Aggressive

I won’t yell and scream and threaten at negotiations or in the courtroom. What I will do, is be well-prepared, aggressive and strive for the best results possible for each client given their specific situation.

Meet Your Potential Lawyer at a First Meeting

Do you have questions about asset protection in a high net worth divorce? Concerned about a fair child custody arrangement? Are you dealing with a will contest? Need help with a business deal gone bad? Please call (281) 362-8181 or e-mail the law office of C. L. Crawley Jr. today to schedule an initial consultation.