Divorce Lawyer in The Woodlands, Texas

The Guidance You Need When Life Changes

Even if both spouses agree they need to divorce, there simply is no easy way out of a marriage. Deciding who is awarded property, where the children will live, how much support will be paid and for how long are no small matters. Add money, children and emotions to a legal matter, and minor disagreements can easily turn into major legal battles — but not if we can help it.

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Our The Woodlands, Texas, law firm seeks to obtain the best possible results for our clients without fanning the flames. No matter how upset you are over custody issues, a spousal support issues or a property division argument, we will provide you with the perspective to make sound, rational decisions rather than emotion based decisions you may later regret.

A Divorce Primer for Each Client — Knowledge is Power

We sit down with each client and help them understand the divorce process, including issues unique to high net worth divorces, and their legal options based on their circumstances and goals. It is crucial that each client have the information they need to make decisions that work for them.

With more than 45 years of helping men and women through divorce in The Woodlands and throughout Houston, our divorce attorney has earned a reputation as a skilled, professional and credible lawyer who knows how to get results. We always seek to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement. We would rather our clients come to an agreed upon solution to their divorce than to face the stress, cost and uncertainty of a trial before a judge or jury. We will, however, advocate aggressively in court if that is what needs to be done to protect our clients’ rights.

If you have questions or would like to speak to us about your family law concerns in an initial consultation, please call or e-mail the law office of C. L. Crawley Jr., P. C. today: (281) 362-8181.