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Divorcing moms and dads often have unrealistic fears of what child custody will look like after the divorce is finalized. Men are often afraid they will be denied access to their children while being forced to pay child support and spousal maintenance. Women are often concerned that their spouse has no idea how to really care for the children.

Best Interest of the Child Standard

The truth of the matter is that there is a set standard of law upon which child custody is decided. That standard is to find a child custody solution that is in the “best interest” the child/children. In Texas family law that means having both parents play an active role in the kids’ lives — unless the court finds that such a solution is not in the best interest of the child.

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Parents can easily become emotional when it comes to the children, which can lead them to make decisions that may haunt them later. Therefore, it is important to obtain a lawyer who understands divorce and custody law and who will guide you to make decisions that will most benefit your case.

Protecting Your Rights

Our law firm is aware that you will need to be communicating to your child’s parent for many years to come. Our goal is to protect your rights to your children while resolving disagreements with the other party in as diplomatic, timely and effective a manner possible.

We will protect your rights during your divorce, through careful investigation, creative and insightful courses of action and compelling case development. With over four decades of experience and a reputation for being an aggressive, professional and skilled advocate, Mr. Crawley, is an attorney you can trust with important matters such as:

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