Business & Commercial Litigation Attorney in The Woodlands, Texas


Protect Your Bottom Line

When business partners do not see eye to eye, when business dissolutions are contentious or when contractors, homeowners or subcontractors disagree, significant financial investments can be at stake. These are times when access to a skilled, experienced trial lawyer can make all the difference in a dispute’s outcome.


When You Cannot Afford Mistakes

When you cannot afford to make mistakes, you need trial lawyer C. L. Crawley Jr. by your side. At the law office of C. L. Crawley Jr., P.C., we address and resolve contract disputes and handle business and commercial litigation for clients such as homeowners, banks, apartment owners, small business owners, software business owners, sub-contractors such as dry-wallers, roofers, general contractors, developers and others.


Comprehensive Civil, Commercial and Business Litigation

Whether you need our legal services to initiate collection, to pursue mediation or to start a lawsuit, we have the skills and experience to aggressively protect your interests.


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In the initial consultation you can discuss your commercial or business dispute with an experienced, caring and knowledgeable lawyer. Over the course of more than 45 years in legal practice, business and commercial litigation  attorney C. L. Crawley Jr. has effectively resolved claims involving:


Providing You With Options

We can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities and your legal options. We can advise you on a practical, sound and well-reasoned course of action, depending on your goals. Finally, we can build a strong strategic case in our efforts to obtain a favorable result.


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When you need practical, effective legal advice and advocacy relating to a dispute or business and commercial litigation in The Woodlands or surrounding Houston, Texas communities, please call or e-mail the law office of C. L. Crawley, Jr., P.C. today to schedule a helpful first meeting: (281) 362-8181.